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For such tough times, our transportation service includes ambulance, mortuary van.

Freezer Box

Our freezer box services will maintain the freshness of your loved one.

Funeral Arrangements

This includes the crematorium bookings whether electric or pyre and all the relevant arrangements required for the funeral.

Hearse Van

A clean air conditioned Force Van with a professional driver and attendant .The van can take upto 6 family members comfortably...

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10 Plus Years Funeral services Experience

  • 24 / 7 ambulance Services
  • Support Ambulance
  • Emergency Care

j Rodrigues Funeral services was arranged by a gathering of youthful experts who, after their preparation in the US and pioneering projects in India, understood the intense requirement for a coordinated and organized Funeral services administration in India, which would likewise be the quickest crisis reaction administration.


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